Saturday, 21 November 2015

Hello and Welcome to Edible Delights - my cooking experiments

I have long wanted to record my cooking expedients - food/drink etc.  This first post may be a bit long as I am going to backtrack on a couple of dishes and some of my latest Pizza's.  ;-) - Later on I may add my recipe for the Pizza dough and my own special tomato sauce!

I also like chips but they are obviously high in calories so I recently tried making my own Polenta oven baked chips - they are brilliant - crisp on the outside and just like potato!

 I served my Polenta chips with soya chunks (the dry stuff) which I had marinated in a sort of Chinese sauce.

Pizza topping 1 (left below) -

Home grown baby tomatoes, mushrooms and three slices of pepperoni chopped and a little haloumi - I knew this would not melt.

Pizza topping 2 - (right above)

Left over cooked spinach, broccoli, onion, home grown baby tomatoes, 1/2 can anchovies, a slice of left over Brie and a table spoon of cheddar.

Pizza topping 3 - (below - on the left before cooking, on the right once cooked)
I don't always put cheese on top - it's not really necessary - I guess it is used to hold ingredients onto the pizza but all you need to do is to press the topping into the tomato sauce and if you have a good quantity of it it works - I always use a good portion of sauce. This one is topped with  chicken (from two cooked chicken drumsticks - the bones were then boiled to make stock for a soup !) and lots of left over veg - mushrooms, yellow pepper, home grown baby tomatoes and brocolli.

Pizza topping 4 - below

The topping here is three cooked chipolata sausages, chopped, home grown carrots and home grown baby tomatoes, 1/2 yellow pepper and two mushrooms.